30 March 2007


This is a trial to give an introduction to a family history and see how it would work. Unfortunately, the footnote numbers and notes don't transfer easily into this medium. So far, I'll be content to show bits and pieces. Footnote numbers appear in the text in (brackets) and the footnotes should show at the end of the post. More news about the main families and research stories will appear later on the blog.
Ancestors and Descendants of John DOUGALL and Marion HASTIE from West Lothian, Scotland, to Argentueil County, Lower Canada (Quebec).

This photograph was taken some time before John Dougall died in July 1867 (see below). He lived just past Canada's birth as an independent nation. The photo has hung above my desk for the thirty years I have worked as a professional genealogist for thousands of clients worldwide. The look on John's face suggests disapproval that I was not paying attention to my own family history. I sincerely hope he will cheer up now. As I've already said, this is a work in progress and I have quite a way to go still. More information needs to be hunted, collected and sorted for several lines yet. As of this date I am also cleaning up footnotes ... the source citations which are all-important to a credible genealogical compilation.

The work itself includes data and stories (when possible) on:
* The emigrating Couple and their Ancestry
* The Second Generation
Names of spouses: Cameron, Fenton, Moffat, Lloynachen, Laing, FRASER, McCunn
* The Third Generation
mainly from Peter Dougall (1824-1914); names of spouses: Ormiston, McFADYEN, Hemenway, French, McAdam, Kenning
* The Fourth Generation
from John Fraser Dougall (1852-****)
from William Charles Dougall (1854-1934)
from Margaret Jane French (1867-****)
from Peter Robinson Dougall (1872-1962)
from Mabel Kate Kenning (1881-****)
The Fifth Generation:
Hector Fraser Dougall (1896-1960)
Peter McAdam Dougall (1900-1993)

To the last two above, I dedicated my work: my father, whose interest and preliminary findings unknowingly set me on this lifelong path, and my "uncle" who unfailingly provided support and good humour.

John Dougall (Thomas, John) was baptized 20 July 1781 in the parish of West Calder, West Lothian, Scotland, the son of Thomas Dougall and Marion Pollens;(1) he died 20 July 1867 at Beech Ridge, Argenteuil County, Quebec.(2) John married on 13 May 1810 in Livingstone parish Marion Hastie, daughter of John and Margaret (Brown) Hastie.(3)

(1) West Calder Old Parochial Register (OPR), baptisms 1645-1854; Family History Library microfilm 1067792.
(2) Suzanne Rossignol and Pennie Redmile, St. Andrews East Protestant Cemetery, St. Andrews East, Quebec (Quebec Family History Society 1991).
(3) Livingstone OPR, marriages 1718-1820; FHL microfilm 106636. John Dougall's family bible, published in 1811, has disappeared; it was transcribed by Miss Helen Locke as a girl and her notes say the wedding took place 13 July 1810.


Anonymous said...

Hello Aunt Brenda,

I find these tidbits of our family history really interesting. Thanks very much for helping me learn more about our family. I look forward to reading more.

much love,

Peter John Paterson Dougall

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Good morning Brenda,

I was reading your three wishes this morning and suddenly it clicked with me that I have several McDougall's in my paternal line and admittedly I have done very little research on them. I've been following your blog for awhile now so I don't know why it took so long to have the two names finally click with me! Do you know if the Dougall's and McDougall's are closely related? I know that at least Isobel McDougall m. James Adam sometime before 1800 and their children were born in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland, which isn't too terribly far from West Lothian. Some of their descendants settled in Lanark Co, Ontario and that is also where I find other McDougall's that tie into my tree one way or another. I know it's a long shot but I was wondering if you have ties to either area too, or if the surnames Adam or McKinnon have cropped up in your research?


Devon said...

Hello Brenda,

I just wanted to thank you for putting this all in front of us, I am a Dougall by birth and have tried many times to dig up some of our history always leading to a dead end. So thank you, I've enjoyed reading through everything today!


BDM said...

I replied privately to Apple -- there is no family story that my Dougalls were McDougalls 'once upon a time.' Back to the 1730s in Scotland, our surname is quite clear. So if anyone else can suggest a connection between Dougall and McDougall, I'm all ears :-)