13 March 2009

Smile for the Camera

How did I miss the deadline for the Geneabloggers’ 11th edition of “Smile For the Camera” Carnival (http://shades-smileforthecamera.blogspot.com/) inviting us to share a siblings-type photo. Brothers and sisters. I was almost ready, too ...

... but lagging in all directions, pretending to multi-task among writing up minutes for two completely different organizations, sorting out book review commitments (reading the books was a good idea, too), madly researching for a potential article before the Archives of Ontario absconds to the distant suburbs, looming conference tasks and dreaming about a future rendezvous with camels. Is that a good enough excuse? Oh ... and sometimes my kids have to remind me I have kids.

Actually, I have two photographs of the same pair. Once known as Way-way and Ba-ba. Number one features brother and sister in their dress-up best for the camera. Who forgot to tell them to smile? Scary photographer? Nevertheless, who would argue they are perfectly darling. Dig those boots loaded with white shoe polish. The sailor suit is preserved as a family artifact.

Number two is way more fun, posing just before the local Ice Carnival. Even more adorable, n’est-ce pas? Mouse soon firmed up his blades to graduate to the more manly Canadian sport of hockey.
Photographs c1940s, BDM family collection.


Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I had forgotten about white leather shoes and I can smell the polish as I look at your photo. It was really difficult to cover scuff marks on white shoes because the polish wouldn't "take" where the surface wore away.
I'm glad you took part in the carnival anyways - I'm sure people will find you!
Evelyn in Montreal

Janet Iles said...

great photos.

Sounds like you are keeping very busy.

BDM said...

Glad no-one mentioned the hole in the knee of Ba-Ba's stocking (no spandex then).