10 April 2009

What Comes With Spring?

The busy season is here. Spring genealogy seminars and conferences have already begun. Planning for them never ends. Everyone I know is doing three or four jobs. Meetings, tasks, thinking, details, memos, reminders, copious amounts of paper being generated, tons of emails and even worse, phone calls.

I needed a camel photograph to calm me down. And keep in touch with my blog.

What a handsome fellow. See you? at the annual Ontario Genealogical Society Conference 29-31 May at Sheridan College in Oakville.

Neil Carey, photographer, fohn.net, “Camel Pictures and Interesting Facts,” (http://fohn.net/camel-pictures-facts/#arabian).


Diana Ritchie said...

I'll be there!

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Welcome to Geneabloggers - nice to see another Canuck!
Evelyn in Montreal


Greetings Brenda,
Glad to see you have joined the GeneaBloggers Group. I love the camel photo. Unfortunately, I won't be at OGS conference this year. :-( I am hoping you will be blog about it.


BDM said...

Good idea, Kathryn. Will see what I can do.

Steve Danko said...

I'm planning to be at the OGS conference this year and look forward to finally meeting you in person!


BDM said...

Good news, Steve! You'll find me at the OCAPG table.