27 June 2009

Family Picnic

Speak to me, people!!
Who are you? Stop horsing around for a minute and give me some clues. Please? If the handsome patriarch in the middle would only tell me his name. I know he’s my ancestor, I just know. Which one is his wife? And who is the lady in widow’s weeds off to his right? Are those Manitoba trees I see in the background? Some of the family resemblances are very strong. What year is this? It’s making me crazy!


Steve Danko said...

LOL! Sometimes I talk to myself, Brenda, but I've never, ever spoken to a photograph!

Kiril The Mad Macedonian said...


LOL! I know the feeling! ;-D

I have a ton of Photos of my Dads relations, from Macedonia, with writing on the backs in a language i can't read, so I have not clue as to who is who, and then I have more brick walls than I know what to do with on several branches of my Mothers KY & IN Trees. ;-D