10 August 2009

August Break

The New Yorker, 11 May 2009; courtesy of a friend-subscriber.

(Maybe it was all the cholesterol I devoured a short time ago to celebrate a significant life milestone. Thanks, Barb. Now go hide yourself in France.)

Milestones seem to be hurtling by with no respect for the timing of my research plans, priorities, goals and daily task lists. I've heard there are genealogists who manage their time in a healthy balance of relationships, children, pets, and outside interests while still making progress on the family history or whatever their chosen way of volunteering information and education. Do the rest of us genie workaholics with tunnel vision need a life coach to smell the roses? Or a Dr. Phil consult?

Life milestones mean reviewing the priorities. One must review the priorities regularly. Mine have a sneaky habit of shifting before I know what’s up, something like the contrary milestones. In order to assume control and rectify my balance, I make lists for acting sociable and normal. Speak to my neighbours in the elevator. Go to meetings. See that movie. Stroll the yard sales. Attend parties. Dance at festivals. Ask strangers on the street for wi-fi spots. Invite someone for a glass of red wine. Cancel that if they have a smoke allergy. Make friends with people who think genealogy is a medical accident, ... if they ever think of it at all. To accomplish all this requires memorizing a short list of non-genealogy topics.

In the excitement of committing to healthy normal again, I propose to take time off and visit one of my offspring. Call it spending some time with the living instead of the dead. Give my Scottish correspondents a break. Truthfully, I try to make family visits on a regular basis, but as I said on Facebook, the closest is 1,264 km (785 miles) away. Canada’s east coast, west coast and Europe have to take their turns.

Therefore, no posts for a bit. Not that I’m known for over-activity in this medium. But I always have an ace up my sleeve to prove I’m not a myopic one-trick pony. The elephant in my room is the camel, to mix several metaphors. Good excuse for another photo. Full circle.

Camels in Petra, Jordan; photograph by Francine Mulherin, 2009.

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