01 March 2012

March Ancestors (1)

For the sake of brief entries, I am not footnoting the facts in this ongoing memorial. Sources have been noted either in other blog posts or in my family history books.

2 March 1852 Peter Dougall married Catharine Fraser at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, St. Andrews East, Quebec. Peter was a native of Midlothian, having emigrated to Argenteuil Seigniory/County with his parents in 1834. Catharine was a Quebec native and a double Fraser—her father John Fraser from Perthshire, and her mother Ann (Nancy) Fraser of an Inverness-shire line. Peter and Catharine lived long and productive lives mainly in Renfrew, Ontario, raising nine children there. In their old age they moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to be near some of their children. They were two of my great-grandparents.

Update: Missed this, first time around:
3 March 1811 Ann (“Nancy”) Fraser was born at River Rouge, civil parish of St. Andrews East, Lower Canada, and baptized upriver at Chatham as the daughter of John and Margaret Fraser on 14 June 1812. Nancy’s parents drove seven miles from River Rouge to Chatham for baptism by Anglican minister Rev. Richard Bradford because St. Andrews had no resident Protestant clergyman yet. The Frasers were accompanied by John and Catherine Cameron who were taking their son for baptism. John Cameron and Peter Dewar, two River Rouge neighbours, were sponsors for Nancy’s baptism. I hope to make a case that Nancy's mother Margery (Margaret in some records) McIntyre and John Cameron's wife, Catherine McIntyre, were sisters. Nancy is part of my Inverness-shire Fraser line, and was one of my great-great-grandmothers.

14 March 1894 William Charles Dougall married Jessie Isabella (Belle) McFadyen at Sunnyside (now Springfield), Manitoba. The wedding took place at Belle's family farm home. A Winnipeg newspaper account listed every gift the couple received, from crystal and china to linens. The bride's “beautiful costume” was also noted, unfortunately without further description. Seventy guests sat down to dinner after the ceremony; “dancing and amusements were indulged during the evening.” They lived in Winnipeg most of their lives, raising a family of three. Will and Belle were my paternal grandparents.

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