31 October 2012

November Ancestors

For the sake of brief entries, I am not footnoting the facts in this ongoing memorial. Sources have been noted either in other blog posts or in my family history books.

To my surprise, I have no entries for November. It may be just as well, because I hope to be far, far away chasing camels this month. One could not say I have combed my family histories for all dates. They have been chosen rather capriciously. But sheesh, I did provide an extra long one last month. However ... here's one I missed for two months ago:

13 September 1885 Janis Jurikas (Ivan Georgiev in the Russian Orthodox register) of Krūmiņi farm, Lāde estate, Livonia, Latvia, died at the age of forty-two. His cause of death is still up in the air. The family story is he was cutting firewood and a log felled him with mortal injuries. The original researcher/translator I employed found the church record of death (as shown). From that, I'm told the priest who administered last rites stated he died of cancer. Wouldn't you agree that's a bit of a disconnect? Even though we family historians have a healthy suspicion of family stories?
Limbažu Orthodox Church 1883-1888; LSHA 232.2.155 p. 108
Apart from the numeral 13, my untrained eye cannot spot anything familiar enough in the Cyrillic script to even guess this is the correct entry. With regard to Orthodox church entries in general, a Russian-speaker told me the nineteenth century language has many archaic terms of uncertain meaning today. Obviously I have been too lazy to scout out second and third opinions on the translation.

I would be ever so pleased upon returning from the desert to find any comments and opinions about cause of death. Over and out for a while.

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