29 November 2012

St Andrew, RIP

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On such an occasion of gravitas, I would like to honour the patron saint of Scotland. Or let us say, honour the festivities associated with St Andrew’s special day. Consisting, I dare say, of non-stop music, cheer, and frenetic dancing for hours on end, preferably all night long. Without a doubt the world could do with more distracting ceilidhs and reels and Red Hot Chili Pipers. And lobbying for a statutory holiday.

One might be aware that a campaign called Yes Scotland is fiercely underway for the Scottish parliament to hold an independence referendum. It’s a bit late, one might think. Really, they blew their chances a few centuries ago and having exterminated or deported the Highland element more recently, what hope do they have for an impressive show of force? Sean Connery notwithstanding, of course.

Perhaps they forget that Scotland was actually two countries. The exiled Highlanders carried their spirit and strength away to every country where they migrated. All important things representing Scotland flowed from them. And away with them.
But sadly, it appears that even in the diaspora—due respect and admiration for traditional regiments aside—the Ladies from Hell have more or less degenerated into marching pipe bands. Admittedly, that’s still plenty scary to some people.

So how fares the remnant sorry lot back in a depleted land? One small town journalist observed: “... Yes Scotland’s Borders members may wish to remove the two Union Jack flags at the back of the room next time they meet at the Kingsknowes Hotel.”[1] On the other hand, ignoring my shaky conflation of politics and history, their party will start five hours ahead of North America. Bereft as they are of pure Caledonian heart, apparently they are still up to mustering some epic ceilidh magic.

The last of the Talisker (sigh)

Rise up, St Andrew, the sons and daughters of Alba need you more than ever. 

Disclaimer: Statements in this piece are entirely subjective, unsupported whatsoever by facts or current events but commendable for avoidance of the word bagpipe.

[1] (No byline), The Southern Reporter (Scottish Borders), 23 November 2012. 

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