19 September 2007

Plus ca change ...

As the plodder moves on through book revision, finishing one chapter at a time, it is this writer's fate to learn that some source or reference has changed, something new has been added, something old was replaced. A non-fiction 'textbook' must be as up-to-date as possible. Imagine that, when the world of genealogy has embraced the Internet with mucho gusto. The seductive, sly and slightly neurotic Internet.

Keeping track of URLs is bad enough. But whoa, it's back
yet again to rewrite even less happy news. The Archives of Ontario has stopped its photocopying service in the Reading Room, replacing it with order forms for service and longer waits. Even more serious, Library and Archives Canada has made drastic reductions in its open hours and service ... after their publicly announced commitment earlier this year to the ideals of family history. Quite the catch-22. By channelling their efforts into more electronic resources, LAC shortchanges all the researchers who need their on-site material.

And my carefully revised section on adoption may be defenestrated. Ontario's long-planned new legislation to open formerly sealed records was finally implemented this month. Just days later a Superior Court judge struck it down as unconstitutional.

I'm at the mercy of these people, whoever they are. And sadder for it.

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