03 May 2008

Technical Challenges

Now that I finally figured out how to show labels in the sidebar, I need to go back and be more precise about labels for each post. This format does not allow me a third column. At least, not that I’ve discovered. This technology stuff is soooo painful when the right brain fights with the left brain. At any rate, I’ve managed to learn self-control when my internet service is interrupted or non-existent. Four whole days, sympatico!! Mastering the transfer of photos from a digital camera into my computer took many repetitions to sink in. Even then, I’m sure I have duplicate photo sets hiding in my hard drive from prior nervous attempts. Cropping a photo needs perfecting, and maybe learning what dpi means, among other things, duh. I'm working on how to make the URLs active links.

Getting a scanner and making it work will be another molehill out of which I can make a mountain. Tough work, this blogging.

Entirely gratuitous camel photo from my collection. In the United Arab Emirates, camel racing is a national sport and really, an industry. Trainers start working with 2-year-old camels to determine their abilities.

Photo credit: www.camelphotos.com/racing_camels.html#.

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