14 December 2008

Genea-bloggers' Christmas Wishes

Here I am, reporting for duty at the genea-bloggers’ 62nd edition of Carnival of Genealogy. The commanding officer is Jasia at http://creativegene.blogspot.com. Not that I’ve participated much on the parade ground, but what family historian can resist asking three ancestors for a gift? We are cautioned a gift must be material and not wishful thinking for research clues. That will be a considerable challenge.
1. Donald-the-soldier McFadyen, please send every military service paper you ever had. Sorted in chronological order, if it’s not too much trouble. No need for gift wrapping. A few old contemporary newspapers folded around them would do. Preferably you could wrap them in your wife’s shawl for safekeeping in transit to me. The shawl would be a bonus since no-one knows what tartan you wore at home.

2. Grandmother Marija Jurikas Freibergs, you probably don’t know how I, with hindsight, would love to have your garnet earrings (Jurikas posts passim). I adore the dresses you wear in your photographs but they would be a waste because you were 5"1" and I am 5"9". Some genealogists would ask their female ancestors for family recipes, but despite all her skills, Marija couldn’t cook worth a darn and besides, Latvian cuisine has yet to achieve trendy restaurant status. At least not in Toronto.

3. John Dougall, I would be thrilled if your family bible turned up. Your grandson John (1783-1867) kept one from the time of his marriage, so maybe you did too. Maybe a descendant in Scotland has it. Lord knows I wouldn’t want to scoop a family treasure away from someone I haven’t met yet. But how can I know if they appreciate its special value and are taking good care of it? If you could just send their address or GPS coordinates (oops, no modern technology) I’m out the door already.

Possibly I cheated in bypassing Santa and going right to the sources. Those ancestors existed but I’m never sure about Santa.

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Sheri Fenley said...

Blasphemy! Hurry quick - close your eyes and click your heels together 3 times and say, "I believe in Santa"!