22 December 2008


Everyone’s doing resolutions. Where does this end-of-year compulsion come from? It must have a history. Uh ... genea-blogger friends ... I was just musing. History condensed to 25 words or less cheerfully accepted :-D

There is probably a genealogy Carnival out there about New Year’s resolutions but I can’t seem to control my blog functions or the carnival requirements. My three Christmas wishes didn't reach its cyber-appointment. That won’t stop me, of course, from a public display of good intentions that undoubtedly look familiar to many genealogists:

Number 1. Say “NO” even more than I vowed (and often contradicted myself) two years ago. Standards and technology in genealogy will continue to evolve nicely without my oar in the water. Organizations, memberships and blogs will thrive without my sticking my nose in. As a self-described eminence grise in a small circle, this is like passing the torch. This is like knowing how to bow out when the time is right.

Number 2. Say “YES” when advice or help is requested and I can specifically offer something. Note the similarity to a notwithstanding clause for Number 1—have I contradicted myself again without remorse? It may also be incumbent on me to be forthright on things genealogical when it really matters. And know when to curb my inner bitch who feeds on sarcasm and satire.

Number 3. Get serious about researching and writing as much family history as I can. A few ancestors before me were interested in their roots, and someone in another generation will take it up. Since I have had training in these skills, it behooves me to leave a written legacy others can build on. I will be dead when they discover how lazy at it I was sometimes.

Number 4. Keep tackling thorny problem-solving issues that come from former clients or family research—great fodder for writing articles. Get it going. Even if the problems aren’t solved yet, put them down in writing and review, research, re-analyze them. Sort the evidence, note the gaps, take more time, reach even farther.

Number 5. Find more camel trips. How inevitable was that. Granted, it won’t be on every genealogist’s list of resolutions but there are hardly enough words to be said for unparalleled vistas, pure air, a magnificent animal and the hospitality of Bedouins. Traipsing in a desert is not totally incompatible with family history. When I think of the connection, you’ll be the first to know. It likely has something to do with adoption.

Strange lady in pink eludes photographer; photo by MAW, October 2008.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and have fun relaxing over the holidays!

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Janet Iles said...

Some great resolutions Brenda! Yes there is carnival for resolutions. I will be working on mine soon.

Hope you had a good Christmas Day and are enjoying the holidays.

I have nominated you for the Proximidade Award