21 March 2010

First or Second Day of Spring?

Saying something about your own blog is pretty boring. It’s not exactly real *yawn* writing. So why would I do that? Because family historians and Geneabloggers have a compulsion to mark all sorts of anniversaries. Like three years it’s been ( ... the usual yadda about time flying). Break out the mojitos, eh?

Little did I know thanks to C3 at the time that I would find a kind of writers’ heaven. Even at my slow pace of absorbing the events around me, I did become aware that a trillion other bloggers were also finding writers’ heaven. Finding the ones that truly inspire and amuse takes an age of wading through “recommended” or “blogs I follow” and Facebook fluff. So many to read. It could be a full time job. Oh how I envy those who are so articulate, so funny, who said what I wanted to say so much better!

I’m not referring to strictly genealogy blogs. Fellow Geneabloggers, I love you and appreciate all the news you impart, the carnivals you support, the problem-solving you demonstrate, the whimsy you recount. We also need the sustenance of poking fun and laughter.

So far I feel comfortable posting the so-called back stories of my family histories and related material. On the other hand, I feel a dichotomy with my other passion of travel. Maybe a travel blog or a camel blog should be separate. They would not have as frequent posts as I would like! But I will be reconsidering the idea.

My memoirs have gone by the wayside as I adapted to blogging. Memoirs once prompted by one of the Cs. My chronicle had reached teenage years ’round about university entrance time. Not that I propose to blog the modest secrets of a nameless private girls’ school in Winnipeg on the Assiniboine River or anything else of an imprudent nature, mind. Not that I propose to blog bits of memoir at all. Just saying, it behooves family historians to tackle autobiography. You can do the same for Mom and Dad while you’re at it.

Amusement and humour keep us lively while we live. Let’s try for more.


Sheri Fenley said...

Never fear Brenda Baby, I have a post coming up that will make you smile for a week!

Greta Koehl said...

Hmmm ... well, I post Aggie jokes; does that count?

Anonymous said...

I do censuswhacking... Randy Seaver in Queenstown NZ right now

BDM said...

Greta, Aggie jokes are legit IMO as long as they don't begin with "the farmer's daughter ...".
Randy, glad to hear your cameras batteries finally got recharged. Your own batteries should be well-recharged on homecoming!

BDM said...

Not to ignore the incomparable, outrageous, educated Sheri who lights up our genealogy world. Have a blast in SLC and TELL us all about it!

BDM said...

Just had to add for Sheri: my girls' school was not run by nuns. My misfortune, because no crazy photos of nuns with guns.
And hey, it was my 3rd anniversary. Or something.