28 January 2011

The Year (2010) In Pictures

Ja, I know ... 2010 is over and done with. If you think this is post facto, consider the 2010 Annual Letter I haven’t written yet “for friends and family.” Because, of course, the tightening of family history priorities means I have no friends any more and the relatives don’t care what the crazy lady does.

That takes care of that, so I am free to issue my first Annual Pictorial Record. Maclean’s does it. Time Mag does it. Why not the humble blogger? Why didn’t I think of this back in 2003. Or 1979.

C1 dons vestige of her normal patriotic costume to celebrate Vancouver Olympics.

C4 takes costume and performance art seriously, being a C1 spin-off.

C2 the biologist pathologist does her part hacking at a tiny portion of a dead whale.

C3 introduces me to Dutch culinary delights besides beer.

A resort on Lake Superior with with a superb chef.

Not a resort in Scotland.

A portrait of yours truly travelling the Highlands in comfort.

Two down, two to go. Oh well, you can read all that by merely clicking on “My Books” at the top of this blog.

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