10 January 2011

JURIKAS Part 4: A New Outline

Speaking of “Parts,” Jurikas posts have been somewhat arbitrarily numbered, since inception it seems. Something to do with the missing DNA math thingy in my brain. Never mind. Previous posts on this family seem to be at Part 3, Part 2, and Marija
Who would have thought the Baltic ancestry would way outstrip the Scottish ancestry in terms of historic extension? We should be so grateful for systematic European traditions of civil and religious registration, for hundreds of years. My Balts were in both Latvia and Estonia, I learn. Me, I’m in Euphoria.

Frantic typing between Sweden and Canada have been rocking my electronic universe the last few weeks. I have to credit the Internet—blogging and Facebook—for new contacts, new cousins. And a large sweeping bow to the State Archives of Latvia (Raduraksti) and Estonia (Saaga) for their remarkably inclusive work at digitizing vital records. Mind you, English only goes so far but who’s complaining?!

Cousin research has extended my lineage to a boggling (for me) QUINTUPLE grandfather. Not bad for the peasant class. Much to do yet in overcoming language difficulties and the differences in chart presentations / terminology, but sources are cited. Details of births/baptisms, marriages and wives, siblings, and some deaths are in hand. Parishes and estate references must be plotted. [Remember, I do yap on about maps and geography]. Blogs of slow and painful progress are sure to follow.  

This family migrated a LOT—I certainly don’t have the spellings and syntactical correctness of estate (manor) names under control. Truth be told, I realize how stunningly inept my education was for Latvian, Estonian, and Swedish words. I can feebly manage some German (for the Lutheran registers) and a bit of Russian (for the Orthodox registers), a process entailing loud verbal trials of pronunciation to self as sole audience; I expect my neighbours are not impressed. My researcher friend Antra and her blog are the best help I could wish for. So I feel confident in presenting the briefest outline of my direct ancestry.

grandmother Marija (Jurikas) Freibergs born 1872, Lāde parish, Limbaži, Latvia
gt-grandfather Jahn/Janis Jurikas born/baptized 1843, Limbaži, Latvia
gt-gt-grandfather Jürri Jurikas born 1817, Surri/Surju, Estonia
gt-gt-gt-grandfather Jaan Jurikas born 1793, Tori/Torgel, Estonia
gt-gt-gt-gt-grandfather Jürri Jurikas born 1772,Tori/Torgel, Estonia
gt-gt-gt-gt-gt-grandfather Jüri Jurikas born 1737, Tori/Torgel, Estonia

And maybe we’re not done yet. It seems Jüri born 1737 had a sister born 1741. One expects they had parents. Must be named somewhere. Who will ultimately reveal themselves. Unlike the lawless, independent Scots.

... I know ... my mother’s three children and their offspring—who inherited 25% of the Baltic blood—will be as thrilled as I am. Erumph. Yes, you guys out there north, south and east.


Ruth Blair said...

Congratulations Brenda! Have fun sorting through all the new information.

Ruth Blair said...

Brenda, I have nominated you for the Ancestor Approved Award.
You can find out more about it here http://blog.familyhistorysearches.com/?p=684

BDM said...

Hey Ruth, thank you. I have probably already fulfilled some of the humiliating aspects of genealogical research! -- blogging about past bloopers :-)
We'll see about the rest ...