15 November 2013

The Book of Me (4)

The Book of Me Written By Me is more pathetic than ever. The bloom is off the rose. My fault entirely, of course: lack of commitment, a preference to pick and choose, too many eclectic pursuits, creative excuses like I have to clean my kitchen or my hard drive crashed, and so on. 

Maybe I can hustle into combining the missing ...

Diaries and Journals (Prompt 6) are something I gave up on — apart from travel journals and boring attempts to track medical-health issues — because Facebook appeared and it has a lot of leniency for recording the important, exhausting trivia of daily life. My Latvian Grandparents (Prompt 7) have been written into posts on this blog; my Scots-descended Grandparents whom I never knew personally are admittedly a bit neglected. No-one has yet pressed me to hear about Will's gentle decline into depression after his brother got run over by a train, a brother who may or may not have ruined the family business.

A Time Capsule (Prompt 8)is simply not big enough to hold (I should say choose) a few treasures or cryptic artifacts. A memo attached to my will that lists the family heirlooms (few) and personal treasures (many) including provenance for all is quite enough to gobsmack my kids. Halloween (Prompt 9) and sticky little children I avoid at all costs but do pay due respect to All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

Can't recall offhand any Unexplained Memories (Prompt 10) but would this count? An old recurring dream about being shot in the spine has since been replaced by being lost in a huge hotel — make of that what you will, Dr. Freud.  

Good! That moves us right along to Military (Prompt 11). And like many Geneabloggers, I did a post for the eleventh day of the eleventh month. In fact it's sitting right below this one. In my families, there's a certain dearth of eligible ancestors and collaterals in the military category. Why? — there we go, another adjunct idea to mess around with.

In future, applying myself better would be worthy of all those others who are creating such interesting posts.

The Desert Life, June 2013

Now, faithful reader, you will find a hiatus here until the festive season is truly cranked up to Code Green levels. I'm just taking my fest a bit early and away.

© 2013 Brenda Dougall Merriman



Unknown said...

As always I love reading your blog and of extra interest because of what this blog is part of and the fact that I know you.

BDM said...

Thank you, Kath. It's so nice to know when friends take the time (and have the interest) to be reading blogs!