22 March 2016

Kirk Sessions, Isle of Coll - 2

A portion of the first entry for 1733
▪ Punctuation was clearly not an important issue.
▪ If anyone can fill the gaps please leave a comment or email me.
"Kock" was likely meant to be Knock.
▪ The second word after sessioner Lachlan McLean seems to be a word for his occupation/position with the Laird.
▪ "John Mc" was written thus, omitting his father's name.

            Cliad 18th febrie 1733
Sedt after prayer
            Mr. Wm Morison Modr
            Hector McLean of Torraston
            Hector McLean of Kock Elders
            Lachlan McLean [Breyr?] German
            to Coll and John McLean in
            Grishaboll sessioners
Upon on a report given in to the session that Kathrina Nian Doill in Cliad
was big with Child was summoned Called compeared was Interoget who
was the father of the Child that seemed to be in her bearing replied that
it was Lachlan McIan --- in Cliad he being upon the spot was summoned
----- [Ach--d?] was Called compered he was Interogate if he was Guilty in adultry
was the sd Kathrine replyed that he was guiltie but that he did Not know
if he was father of the Child then he was removed and she was asked the
time of his guilt with her replyd that it was in the latter end of Agust then
he was Called in and was Asked when he was guilty with sd Kathrine replyd
that it was about a Month of Harvest yet at the same time he aledgd that
John Mc [*] was guilty with the sd Kathrine So: being upon the spot was---
moved Called and compeared was Interogate if ever he had any carnal
Dealing with the sd Kath replyed that he was [this?] Instant content to [proving?]
himself by oath that he had Never any Carnal dealings with her less or
more but the session delayd his oath till the Child was born [the?]
Lach: was defered to find baile for his fine and satisfying the Church
----- found Lach McLean son to the Lord of Coll -- gave both by hand
and promise in face of Session Closed with prayer

[*] a name seems to have been omitted here

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J. Mc. said...

Hi Brenda
Although difficult to read, I believe (Lachlan McLean ----- [G-rman?]) is actually "Lachlan McLean, Brother German to Coll" which is interesting as "German" in that context means they share the same mother and father, but I think the Maclean books give Hector from his father's (Donald) first marriage to Isabel, daughter of McLeod of Tallisker and Lachlan from his second marriage to Marion, daughter of McLeod of Bernera.
Regards John

BDM said...

Well done, John, thanks for that! The word preceding German does seem to begin with a B. As you say, any traditions I've seen suggest they shared only their father. Interesting. Coll (Hector) himself was apparently not present this day; how likely is it that the scribe made a mistake? Maybe someone with advanced genealogical knowledge can comment.