03 March 2016

Maternal Family Fashion

Recent events as in moving from one place to another (are genealogists really hoarders?) led to sifting through piles and miles of photographs to scan. My mother as an only child had been the subject of oodles of proud-parent photos, many of them studio-taken to send to relatives in the old country. As time went on, friends and others took over. Plus, sidewalk photos used to be a thing. Said photos were scattered around various old albums and otherwise loose amongst miscellaneous stacks of chaotic proportions.

It's called playing around before I get serious again. What I've assembled is easier with female ancestors, and obviously only if enough photographs are available. It also helped that her mother was a seamstress.

For the kids and grandkids who never knew Grandma Clare.

Toddler Clara ca. 1914
ca. 1919
c. 1920
ca. 1921
ca. 1925
ca. 1928

1940 Vancouver
1947 Vancouver with sister-in-law Isabelle (Dougall) Miller
1954 Honolulu
ca. 1961
Clare by Clare ca. 1963
© 2016 Brenda Dougall Merriman

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Barbara Poole said...

Brenda, thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of your stylish mother. She looked like a teenager in 1963, I'd like to know her secret.