24 April 2016

Kirk Sessions, Isle of Coll - 10

It is unknown why this November entry follows the previous entry of December. It may indicate the clerk was accustomed to taking loose notes at the session meetings and then transferring them into the register.
This is the last entry of session minutes until the same register resumes 30th of May 1775.

One final post will follow soon to summarize some of the salient points.

Grisibol November 30th 1735
After prayer
     Sederunt Mr Hector McLean Modr
     Lachlan McLean of Toraston
     John McLean of Grisibol          Elders
     Hector McLean of Knock

The Session appointed their Bedle to Summon
the Censor to meet at Grisibol on the [11th?]
of next month and to bring along with 'em
all Such as they found guilty of Immorality
on the Sabbath[.] They obligd him also to
cite Callum McIan vc Gllespig & Mary nin
[Raoil?] and Donald McIan vc Eachan & Ann
nin Challum Delinquents[.] They also oblig-
ed him to cite Ewen McNeil oig & Char-
les McDhoil vc Kerlich Ten days after
     Closed with prayer


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