20 April 2016

Kirk Sessions, Isle of Coll - 9

Contumacy - willful, stubborn non-compliance when summoned.

Grisibol December 11th 1735
After prayer
Sederunt Mr Hector McLean Modr
Allan McLean of Tottranald
Lachlan McLean of Toraston              Elders
Donald McDonald
Archibald McLean in Uig

The Session appointed their Bedle to Summon
the persons following viz Neil McRory
John Duigh McRory, Angus McDhonehuigh
Niel McIan oig, Hector McIan oig, Murdo
Campbell, John Campbell, Rory McInnes
Donald McIan oig in Ballihough [I---]
in Tottamoir Hector McLean, Niel McIan vc
Neil[.] The Session appoints that whoever is
guilty of Immorality on the Lord's day should
forfeit one shilling sterling
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And that whoever absents from sermon without
a very sufficient should forfeit one shilling sterling
and that a shilling sterling be payd for Contumacy
by any one declining to Compear before sessions
in order to have their fines ascertained or
upon any other account And that the Censor
in the place do assist the Collector in raising the
fines and if it be found necessary the next Elder is
to be Called to their assistance
            The Session appoints that the fines
that are to be thus raised be Employd after the
following manner The Collector & Censor are
to have the half of 'em Equally divided
twixt them and the other is to be Distirbutd
to the poor[.] Nothing Else Occurring the Session
Concluded with prayer

Part of December 1735 entry

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