02 April 2016

Kirk Sessions, Isle of Coll - 5

Scroll down for previous transcriptions here in reverse chronological order:
September 1733 (part 4), August 1733 (part 3), February 1733 (part 2), and 1732 (part 1).

The date here is incomplete, as if the recording clerk forgot to go back and insert the day and month.
Note the system of distributing cash, from the sinners to the deserving.

Grisibol in Coll 1733
after prayer
Sederunt Mr Hector McLean Modr
Lachlan McLean of Torastan )
John McLean of Grisibol ) Elders
Hector McLean of Knock )

Margaret McLean being Cited to Compear
befor this Session and interrogate
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whether she was with Child as was alleged
She had reason to believe she was and being [int-]
errogate befor the Session who was father to [Child?]
Said it was John McLachlan vc Ian vc Dhoil and
being Interrogate also when he had guilt with her
the fifteenth of June Last and also about a [fort-]
night thereafter
Donald McIan -hoir's Child being also
destitute of all the nowsaries of Life is b---
an object very deserving of Compassion
Session therefor in Consideration of this Child's ---
and also in Commiseration of his sister's Condi[tion?]
appointed Murdoch Kennedy their Collector
give them four merks to Support them in
their Extremity and ordered him to gett this [mo-]
ney from Catharin nin Neil oig a fornicator
Nothing else occurring the Session closd with prayer

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