11 April 2010

(Almost) Silent Sundays

C2 often laments the lack of public art in Halifax. Here's one for her:
18 Yonge Street, Toronto; photograph BDM March 2010.


CallieK said...

Like all Toronto outdoor 'art', I don't get it. The only city sanctioned art I find remotely interesting is the cows in TD Commerce court

Sheri Fenley said...

LOL They look like my immigrant family - all roly-poly!

BDM said...

Oh Callie, I was saving the cows for later!
Sheri, can we imagine he has all his worldly goods in that briefcase, uh suitcase, stepping off the boat? (grin)

Cathy said...

Hey that's me (C2), months later. From here in public art-starved Halifax, it all looks good!