12 April 2016

Kirk Sessions, Isle of Coll - 7

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Grisibol 7th June 1734
After prayer
Sederunt Mr Hector McLean Modr
Allan McLean of Tottranald
John McLean of Grisibol Elders
Hector McLean of Knock

     John McLachlan vc Ian vc Dhoil being
asked if he would own the Child fatherd
upon him by Margaret nin Neil vc
Dhoil Said he would not and Said he was
ready to Depose that he had no guilt with her
But it being suggested by Some of the memb-
ers of the Session that Mary nin Eachan vc
Lachlan [Iar?] was present to their lying in
bed together And the young woman being
put upon oath declared that this young man
the Said Margaret and herself (scribble) being
Lodged in a [little?] hutt She went to bed
befor any of them Soon thereafter this young
man went to bed And that Some time
after the sd Margaret went to bed but
she could not observe her lying with the
said John meanwhile The young man
owns that he lay with this Margaret
once & again for want of bedcloaths
but Disowns guilt with her
Angus McRory mhoir being required
to declare what he heard this
Margaret Say in relation to this af-
fair Says that upon John Mc
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Lachlan Challenging the Said Margaret
for fathering her Child upon him She
Said that he needed not think shame [for?]
owning her Child and that if he would [own]
the Child [she?] would give him no more
     However on [anyr?] occasion one Nick Cor-
air spouse to John McWilliam vc Rory hav-
ing declared upon oath befor the Session that
Early in the morning she (scribble)
Surprized the Sd John & Sd Margaret
in bed together Stript to their Shirt
No Soul being in the hutt but them[selves]
(scribble) The Sd John confessed his
guilt & owned the Child And Hector
McLean of ^Knock becoming baill for the Sd
John's Submitting to discipline & paying
fines and Lachlan McLean of Toras-
tan becoming baill for Sd Margaret's
Submitting to Censure & paying her fine
The Child was Baptized

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