16 April 2016

Kirk Sessions, Isle of Coll - 8

Reminder: the first transcription has an introduction (click link to see it).
This session meeting was the first in 1735, over a year after the previous meeting.
In the lists of names, sometimes there are commas, sometimes not. I've added semi-colons to separate the different farms/touns where miscreants are named, but see below the transcript for a re-sorted list.
"Each End" below refers to the Two Ends of Coll that were in Campbell tenure.

Grisibol ^Col August [21st?] 1735
Sederunt Mr Hector McLean Modr
Allan McLean of Tottranald
John McLean of Grisibol Elders
Donald McDonald
Archibald McLean in Uig

The Session appoints that Sermon
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should be preached by turns in Each End of this
Country till the next Summer Season
The Session observing the great aversion
of people to come to worship on the Lord's
day are fully resolved to put the laws against
Immorality in Execution against ['em?] and in Con-
sequence of this Resolution have ordered the
persons following to pay fines viz. Hector McIan
oig, John Dugh McRuary, Niel McRory, Don-
ald McIan oig, Niel McIan oig, Innis Mc
Dhonnihough, Murdo McIlluhally, Rory Mc
Ian vc Ewen, Ian McMhurchuigh, Cally Mc
Ruary in Ballihough[;] In Tottamor Ea-
chan McDhoil vc Kerlich, Niel McIan vc Neil[;]
in Faull Donald McRuary, Innis Roy
Niel McFergus[;] in Ardnish Eachen McIll-
hallum, Ian McDhoil vc Ian vc Neil[;] in [Tor?]
Eachan Doil McDhoil vc Neil, Callum McMh-
urchuigh, Cally McOigh, Charles McNeil
It has been observed that Donald Mc
Illispig vc Dhuil (scribble) has two several Lords
days passed by the usual place of worship
in time of Sermon and went about some
other business for which he is to be fined
The Censors appointed to mark such as
were guilty of Immorality on the Lord's day
reported particularly Hector McEwen repor-
ted that Callum McIllespig vc [Cannel?]
was pulling & gathering sticks &
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Heather on the Sabbath day Ewen McDhoil
vc Eachan reported that Several women in Gall-
anach went late on the Saturdays to fish [some?]
eels and did not return till the Sunday
mornings Muldo-- Mc ----- observed Donald
McIan vc Innis stragling on the Lord's day
Its remarkable that Charles McDhoil vc Kerlich
stragles from place to place on the Lord's day
Ian McDhoil vc Ian McDhoil Charles Mc
McLachlan [mhain?] Gillespig McKinnon in
Knock were all found guilty of Immorality on
the Lord's day as was Donald McInnis vc
Rory in Knock

Re-sorting the list of names:
Hector McIan oig
John Dugh McRuary
Niel McRory
Donald McIan oig
Niel McIan oig
Innis McDhonnihough
Murdo McIlluhally
Rory McIan vc Ewen
Ian McMhurchuigh
Cally McRuary

Eachan McDhoil vc Kerlich
Niel McIan vc Neil

Donald McRuary
Innis Roy
Niel McFergus

Eachen McIllhallum
Ian McDhoil vc Ian vc Neil

Eachan Doil McDhoil vc Neil
Callum McMhurchuigh
Cally McOigh
Charles McNeil oig

Ian McDhoil vc Ian McDhoil
Charles Mc McLachlan [mhain?]
Gillespig McKinnon

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